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Labor System Management is design specifcally for the labor management monitoring using Cloud IOT Platform, HiCharm Cloud. Though HiCharm Cloud, the operating conditions can be viewer and monitor online in real time via Mobile Apps and PC-Web.









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Nonstop group check in / check out
Attendance reports and dashboards at any given time
Group by Subcontractor / Team / Shift / Type of Work / Person
Productive and unproductive time report
Real-time Area / Zone Location
-Area: Entry, Exit, Building A, Level 15, Rest, Canteen, Hazardous Chemicals, Zone: Productive, Unproductive, Restricted
Showing number of labors in each area and zone
-Group by Subcontractor, Team, Shift, Type of Work
Moving Track of specific person at given time period
Send alert when:
-Labor leaving productive area while active job assigned
-Current absent labor
-Labor enter restricted area
-User defined criteria
Dashboard provides KPI of the construction site. Such as:
-Total labors on site, and number of labors at each area/zone
-No show labors
-Idle labors
-Latest alerts





How It Works