“Technology Empowers Everything We Do.”

HiCharm Technology Sdn Bhd was established by a group of Construction Industry practitioners with vast experience in Safety, Construction and Lifting Machinery.

HiCharm aim to provide a safer working environment by introducing HiCharm Cloud, HiCharm TSM and HiCharm Security Video Surveillance System by enhancing The Information Techonology.

The HiCharm Cloud, Hicharm TSM and HiCharm Security Video Surveillance System is a system of monitoring and controlling the main components of the construction industry namely, Lifting Machinery, Manpower and Material by Internet of Things.

Our Specialities

Digital Transformation with Hicharm Technology

● Hicharm TSM Structure
● Monitoring System
● Moving construction industry online
● Transforming heavy machinery to next generation
● Task Management
● Company Management
● Equipment Management